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Early Bud Cannabis Strain - Everything You Need to Know
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Early Bud Cannabis Strain – Everything You Need to Know

This article will cover the origin of the Early Bud Cannabis Strain, its optimum climate and growing conditions, as well as its effects on the body. You will also find out where to buy seeds for this strain. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this cannabis strain. This article will help you grow the Early Bud Strain successfully. It’s a must-have for any cannabis enthusiast. However, if you are new to growing cannabis, you should avoid starting with it unless you’re absolutely confident in your skills and knowledge.

Early Bud Cannabis Strain Origin

The Early Bud cannabis strain was originally bred by Gerrit of Magus Genetics, and later continued by Serious Seeds. The plant was entered as a “newcomer” into the High Times Cannabis Cup 2003, and ended up taking second place. Despite having an unknown history, the cannabis strain went on to win the Highlife Cup four years later, and repeated its success six years later. Today, the plant is a favorite among outdoor growers.

Optimal Growing Conditions And Climate

Temperature plays a significant role in the development of buds and leaves. Too high a temperature can stunt the development of buds and reduce their smell and potency. To ensure dense buds, avoid high temperatures until at least week six or seven of flowering. Temperature fluctuations also influence the growth pattern of cannabis plants. Warmer temperatures tend to delay upward growth, while cooler ones encourage faster growth. However, too low of a temperature can result in a slower crop.

Humidity is also an important factor. Different plants thrive at different relative humidity levels. Plants that are native to tropical climates will do better at higher levels of relative humidity. The humidity levels of different cultivars should be balanced in order to promote healthy growth. Keeping the humidity level between sixty and seventy percent throughout the vegetative growth phase is ideal. During the second half of flowering, the humidity level should be reduced to forty to fifty percent.

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Daytime temperatures should be around fifteen degrees and sheltered from wind. Temperatures below 13 degrees can result in shock to plants, so be sure to avoid excessively cold temperatures. It is possible for plants to tolerate a light frost but a brief cold spell can damage the leaves or branches. In these cases, it is best to cover the plants or place them in a dark place. If you are unable to grow a weed plant, you can buy a pre-grown strain and grow it in your backyard.

Optimal climate for early strains differ by location. If you live in an area where the daylight hours fluctuate dramatically during summer, you need to adjust your cultivation schedule accordingly. Optimal climate conditions for early strains include cool and dry weather during spring and autumn. In spring, temperatures are comfortable and a light frost is unlikely in May. But you should monitor the forecast carefully and make your decision accordingly.

Effects Of Early Bud Strain

The Early Bud strain of marijuana is a fast-flowering, mostly-Indica cannabis seed that produces smooth smoke and a powerful high. This plant originated in the United States and has a sour flavor with hints of citrus fruit. The effects of this strain are euphoria, calm, appetite gain, and numbness. In addition to these effects, Early Bud may also cause mild anxiety and a dry mouth.

The first result of the study was the discovery of a gene that affects dormancy release: the DAM gene. DAM genes are repressed during vernalization, but overexpression of this gene delays bud-break and flowering. The DAM gene was found in a mutant of an evergreen peach and exhibited similar features. Early bud-break and flowering are delayed in the mutant, but the plant does not cease to grow in response to SDs.

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Another mutant of the early bud-break gene, ebb3D, is responsible for the early bud-break in the plant. The mutant produces buds six days earlier than WT-717. These plants were named early bud 3 Dominant. Unlike WT-717, the early bud 3 Dominant mutant was not bred for medicinal purposes. Its rapid growth has led to the widespread adoption of the early-bud-break gene.

Some people suffer from anxiety, which is an excellent reason for using this strain. Its high in THC will leave them feeling relaxed and mellow. However, the effects of Early Girl may be stronger in individuals than in others, so it’s important to keep this in mind. The effects of this strain vary by person, so experiment with the amount you’re comfortable with. The first time you smoke it, take care to monitor your reaction.

Where To Buy Early Bud Seeds

If you are wondering where to buy early bud seeds, you will find plenty of options online. One of the top seed banks on the internet is ILGM, which is famous for its excellent selection and mix packs. This website is easy to navigate and not intimidating for novice growers. You will find several strains and varieties to choose from. The selection is constantly expanding, so if you’re looking to expand your collection, ILGM is definitely worth checking out.

The seed bank you choose will be able to tell if the seed is high quality or not. High CBD seeds, for example, have a higher concentration than average CBD. High THC strains, on the other hand, contain more THC than average. These strains will give you the highest yield possible in the smallest space. Lastly, there are hybrids, which combine sativa and indica strains.

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While Quebec Cannabis Seeds may not have the extensive selection of other seed banks, it makes up for its low price and fast delivery. Many of their seeds are guaranteed to grow, and if you don’t get any, the company will replace them for free. That way, you’ll save money while growing your favorite cannabis strain. But if you’re on a budget, you may want to opt for another seed bank. Alternatively, you can also use a discount coupon code, such as “early bud seeds,” to get the best price.

Ministry of Cannabis: The online seed bank is one of the most reliable seed banks available. While they don’t run many promotions, the website attracts serious marijuana growers. Its seeds are rotated, and customers are assured of freshness. Their customer service is also above average. ILGM is an excellent choice for cannabis growers. So where to buy early bud seeds? Here are a few seed banks to consider. offers quality cannabis seeds from different sources. The company sells over 3,000 specialty cannabis seeds from 65 sperm banks around the world. You can find them at a range of prices, depending on what strain you want to grow. Regardless of how you plan to use the seeds, ensure that they are sourced from a legal source. Always remember that the quality of the seeds is the most important factor in determining where to buy them.

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